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Ok, so hello everyone, for those who haven't yet 'met' me my name is Claire L Brown and I'm an independent author.  

I'm starting this blog to chart my way through the waters of writing novels and then  independent /self publishing and what ever comes after! 

I started writing when I was a child, not that I really knew what I was doing I just liked making up stories.  I would see films or read books and maybe I didn't like the ending or thought there was another story that I wanted to read and no one had written it yet so I made it up for myself.  
The Draco Chronicles; Homecoming

When I was in University I wrote my first screen play and received positive feedback.  I continued to write and started working on websites with other novice writers to develop my skill, help me connect with an audience and develop my own style. 

In 2012 I self-published my first book The Draco Chronicles; Homecoming  using the Amazon / Create Space platform. This was a huge learning curve as I had always thought I'd follow the traditional route of publishing via an agent and publishing house.  However, following some life-changing experiences I decided there was no time like the present so why not go it alone and see how far I got.  

Draco Chronicles has received positive feedback for it's fantasy adventure story line based heavily in English mythology and I'm currently working on a follow up.  

After writing the first of my three planned Draco novels I had another itch.  I should say when I get an idea in my head it's like an annoying itch which won't go away until I at least write the idea down.   So, obeying the itch I started on a different idea for a novel series and in 2013 I published Jonah Axe and the Weeping Bride , the series will follow a core group of characters who have the ability to change moments in time, for better or worse! 

So that's almost up to date, in my next post I'll tell you about my current novel and chart my progress in a little more detail! 


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