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Chapter 10 - The Finish Line....

It has been quite a while since I posted here, but to be honest what could I really tell you about the last few months in writing terms?  Not much really, it would be pretty boring to detail how I sat at my desk, or on my laptop and tapped out 26 letters in particular order to create a story.  That's what you expect me to be doing since you know I'm writing a book. A writers life can be pretty lonely, mundane and repetitive.  The only interesting part to the readers of this blog would probably be more about what distracted me from writing not the actual process of typing out the images in my head.

So anyway, I didn't bore you and I don't intent to now.

The update right now, well The Poppy Garden is complete.

It's been around three weeks since I wrote the last words.

Finishing a book is a strange sensation, there's elation that you've done what you set out to do, you got all of those words, images, emotions down on piece of paper or in my case saved on a …