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Chapter 12 - Release Day and what comes next

Tomorrow will see the release on Kindle and in Paperback of The Poppy Garden, a project I've been working towards my whole life.

It's not quite sunk in yet, from tomorrow my work is public and open to others to read and interpret how they may.   I hope people like it, I hope they enjoy it, most of all I hope it means something to someone.

It's strange not having it to work on anymore, that story now at an end its like leaving a piece of you behind in order to move forward.  I have a choice, this was a genre I never intended to write in and soon enough I'll know whether it's a genre I can write, my choice will be what comes next.

Its time to start a new story chapter by chapter while The Poppy Garden is out there being read and reviewed by all who are tempted to pick up a copy.

But it's not really the end of that story - not the real story anyway.

The Poppy Garden was never just one piece of work, one story to tell, it's more about the legacy it comes from…