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Chapter 11 - After the last word

Writing a book isn't the hard part, you have the idea, you let the words flow and then, then the hard work begins.  
If you are an independent author, like me, you are everything, writer, publisher, marketing, sales etc.  There is no-one else unless you are lucky enough to have a budget to pay for certain services, you are on your own. 
The success of your book is based solely on what you can do to raise its profile, get word out there and with any luck entice the reader to buy.  
If you have done the basics to get this far, the plotting out of the idea, the writing of the book, proof reading, formatting and cover design then your on your way, but it doesn't stop there it's time to work on the marketing and promotion of your work.  
So as an independent how am I going to do this; 
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