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Chapter 3 - Starting the process, where OCD takes over

So, right now you know I have an idea, an outline and I have two main characters. You might be interested to know what my plan for them is and how the process continues. Now it's time for me to tell you without hopefully giving too much away, this is going to be a fine balance to find!  

Here we go:

Chapter Two - Leading Lady / Leading Man

I have always been obsessed with movies, theatre and other visual media.  As a child I was bullied so I spent a lot of my time alone,  I would loose myself in movies and books, characters became my friends and every chapter my escape.  I think I started writing as soon as I learned to put pen to paper.  I developed a talent for seeing what I was writing happening in my head like watching a movie and that's still the way I approach my writing now.

I sit at my computer tapping out the words describing the scene I see in my head and part of that is seeing the actors play out the characters I create.  I always have a dream cast in mind when I write, I know who I  would entrust my characters to. I'm sure if you ask anything author who wanted their book to become a movie, which I would love to happen one day, they would have dream cast in mind.  So now I will tell you how my dream cast starts out for The Poppy Garden,

Leading Man - Nick Robinson  My leading man, a wounded army offi…

Chapter 1... Organic vs Planned ?

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I started coming round to the idea of making the Poppy Garden my priority project, after all I was getting a lot of interest from a particular friend who read similar kind of books and she was enthusiastic about what I could possible be doing.  Now as a writer I want people to be excited about my work and here was someone literally jumping up and down in my officer at my day job begging for chapters, so there had to be something to my idea that was worth exploring.

To ensure a steady income and as I'm not a top selling author yet I have a day job, so a lot of my writing is done after work and in to the night.  So I took this idea home and sat at my PC, my writing style varies from book to book, but with this one it's proving to be a mix of prepared and organic styles as I like to call them;

My Writing Styles
Organic writing
This to me is sitting at my PC with a blank document and the words just flow, I wrote my first novel this way.  There's no…

I Got an Itch....for something a little different

So last summer I'm in my garden, digging over a muddy puddle to turn it in to a lawn.  I should explain I have a three year old golden retriever, called Hero, who as a puppy developed a love of tearing up my garden and digging craters which I'm sure if left to his devices would end up leading to the core of the earth!  Hence I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to repair the damage and create something that could be considered garden like.  
Anyway as I'm digging away my mind wandered to memories of my Granddad Joe, who in my opinion was a great gardener.  He taught me what I know about plants and growing things.  Most of my memories of him are in his garden.  I started wondering why my granddad loved his garden so much and I slowly realised that his garden was his way of coping with stress, possibly PTSD. 
At 18 my Granddad had joined the RAF, war was being fought over Europe and he volunteered to do his bit, as was often said.  As he wasn't a tall man, around …

Welcome to My World

Ok, so hello everyone, for those who haven't yet 'met' me my name is Claire L Brown and I'm an independent author.  

I'm starting this blog to chart my way through the waters of writing novels and then  independent /self publishing and what ever comes after! 

I started writing when I was a child, not that I really knew what I was doing I just liked making up stories.  I would see films or read books and maybe I didn't like the ending or thought there was another story that I wanted to read and no one had written it yet so I made it up for myself.  

When I was in University I wrote my first screen play and received positive feedback.  I continued to write and started working on websites with other novice writers to develop my skill, help me connect with an audience and develop my own style. 

In 2012 I self-published my first book The Draco Chronicles; Homecoming  using the Amazon / Create Space platform. This was a huge learning curve as I had always thought I'd…