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Chapter 9 - The Importance of the Right Visual

When you browse through the book shelves or the pages of your favourite website what is it that first attracts you to a book?

What is the first thing that catches your eye and draws you in encouraging you to delve deeper and find out if that is the book for you?
The Cover is one of the most important elements of attracting readers to your book, it’s the first impression your work will make so it has to be a good one.
There’s an art to cover design, a fine balance of the right image, the right text, the right font and the right colours.It has to convey the story implicitly, in a way that not only catches your eye but promotes the story in its intended form.
I’ve always said I’m not an artist, I’m a creative, I can put pen to paper and weave images but hand me a pencil and ask me to draw and the most you will get is a stick figure.So for cover design I rely on an artist.
Over the last few years I’ve worked exclusively with Jeanie Henning, she not only an amazing artist but a great comm…